How important is education? Critically important appears as the clearest response. Yet, if you keep track of PA’s budget allotments for education from 2010-2011 to 2011-2012, it seems as if state politicians run out of ways to maintain consistent funding. The state reduced education for public schools by one billion dollars during this time according to a state newspaper. My interview with public schools students soon to be found on my blog goes on to further discuss the effects felt on the front lines of budget cuts.

Granted, these past few years have seen federal as well as state budgets shrink. Leaders as well as citizens have been cutting back. I feel the misfortune of budget cuts should not fall upon the teachers and students of schools. In response to such limited funds, states must respond with creative and lasting ideas on how to better equip Pennsylvania’s schools with trained teachers, varied classes, as well as enough textbooks.


Courtesy of: Flickr

Governor Tom Corbett has proposed the privatization of state liquor stores to raise funds for the Keystone State’s educational system. His budget proposal for 2012-2013 promises the largest increase in educational funding in the state’s history. While I question the morality of funding schools with alcohol sales, perhaps an alternative solution arises from a tried and tested method. Multiple states in recent years advertise on school buses to enhance revenue. My blog will further address this issue.

In response to uncertain levels of funding for schools, I urge an informed and engaged citizenry to do their part by letting their voices be heard through news services, school boards, and even representatives. An education offers the opportunity to advance not only an individual’s intelligence and well-being, but also to increase our society’s standard of living and technological advancement. Our youngest generations deserve such a guarantee.


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